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Get It Done In An Hour - Easy Guide To Cryptocurrencies

Get It Done In An Hour - Easy Guide To Cryptocurrencies

Step-by-step guides to understanding, buying and storing popular cryptocurrencies

You’ve heard of cryptocurrencies. They’re those computery coins that people began talking about as their prices seemed to explode overnight, turning a bunch of geeks into instant millionaires. Depending on whom you ask, cryptocurrencies are either the beginning of a technological revolution, a Ponzi scheme, the key to financial freedom from banks or history’s greatest scam. Amid the technobabble, the sensationalist headlines and the idealism of crypto fanatics, it might seem like cryptocurrencies defy reasonable description. They don’t. This book eases complete beginners through the process of understanding, buying, storing, trading and selling their first cryptocurrency investments via plainly worded, step-by-step guidance. Crypto’s cryptic, but buying it doesn’t need to be.


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